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Camaraderie and Patriotism

Welcome to our website!  MOPH Chapter #1513 would like to welcome all purple heart recipients of the Mid-Cities / DFW communities to our chapter. We are Chartered by an Act of Congress.  The Military Order of the Purple Heart is the only organization in which ALL of our members are combat wounded, so you'll cherish your time spent with those who have been where you've been and done what you've done. As a Purple Heart recipient YOU are welcome here and we all appreciate the sacrifices you have made for this great nation of ours - thanks for serving your country! 

Fraternity and Fellowship. You can meet and relate to a group of veterans who have the common bond of being wounded in combat and recognized for that sacrifice.

Pride of Membership. Your membership keeps alive the history and ideals for which you were awarded the Purple Heart from its original inception by General George Washington to America’s citizen soldiers of today.


Our Local Chapter. Regular meetings are held in various locations around the mid-cities region. Our chapter engages in numerous social activities such as sporting events, parades, community outreach activities – centered on veterans and their families. We strive to provide safe venues for combat veterans, and their families. 

Join!!! Membership dues are reasonable! Please visit this online membership form to start the process of becoming a member!

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