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A simple solution for manufactures of Smartcards, Credit Cards, Identification Cards, Healthcare Cards, Employee Badges, Rewards Cards, Chips, and Tokens that will inhibit the growth and transmission of germs, viruses and dangerous pathogens that thrive on the surfaces of intensely circulated products. We are actively seeking to license U.S. Patent No. 7,851,517, Antimicrobial Credit Cards, Identification Cards, Hotel Keys, Membership Cards and Identification Badges and Badge Holders. The manufacturing of our devices will be by  authorized licensees.

Plastic Cards & Identification

Antimicrobial Plastic Cards ie: Smartcards, Credit Cards, debit cards, Identification Cards , drivers licenses, Healthcare Cards, Employee Badges, Hotel Keys....

Badgeholder 2.jpg

Badge Holders

A badge holder made from made from an antimicrobial material comprising one or more polymers and one or more antimicrobial agents that affect the growth of bacteria, fungi, virus or a combination thereof on the badge holder such that the antimicrobial polymeric material is at least on an exterior of the badge holder.  


Poker Chips, Tokens and Cash Substitution

Subway Tokens, Plastic Poker Chips and other Cash substitution items

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