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A badge holder made from made from an antimicrobial material comprising one or more polymers and one or more antimicrobial agents that affect the growth of bacteria, fungi, virus or a combination thereof on the badge holder such that the antimicrobial polymeric material is at least on an exterior of the badge holder.  

Antimicrobial Badge / Vaccine Card Holder

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News and Updates - August 9, 2019

Mr. Donald Black, President of New Generation Product (NGP) was on hand in North Carolina to witness the first Antimicrobial Badge Holder manufactured in the USA.  Mr. Black has been working towards the moment as a sub-licensee for the USA of Antimicrobial Badges, ID Badge Holders, US Patent 7851517B2.   The inventor, Lisa Holmes was thrilled to hear the news, having invented the product in 2010.  Lisa said, "I am relieved and elated there was a finally a solution coming to the market that will control the transmission of germs and pathogens on employee or school ID Badges and cards.”


A simple solution to controlling bacteria on your ID badges! 

The badge holder patent is pioneering the emerging field of Antimicrobial Identification and Cash Substitution Instruments. Offering a simple solution for inhibiting the growth and transmission of germs, viruses and dangerous pathogens that thrive on the surfaces of intensely circulated products.

(Left) Don Black holds the first Antimicrobial Badge Holder ever made in the United States

News & Studies:

Controlling Transmission of Bacteria on Healthcare Identification Badges for HCWs | AMSUS 2013 Annual Meeting Presentation - Lisa Holmes

Security swipe cards & scanners are potential reservoir for hospital aquired infection 

Hibah A. W. Abu-Sulaiman's December 3, 2011 presentation to Umm Al-Qura University's Collage of Applied Medical Sciences and Laboratory Medicine, Microbiology Department in Makkah, Saudi 'Arabia

Bacterial Contamination of Burn Unit Employee Identity Cards

Nicole W. Caldwell, BA, RN, Charles H. Guymon, MA, James K. Aden, PhD, Kevin S. Akers, MD, Elizabeth A. Mann-Salinas, PhD, RN, FCCM 1 Sept 2016

What’s hanging around your neck? Pathogenic bacteria on identity badges and lanyards

Despina Kotsanas, Carmel Scott, Elizabeth E Gillespie, Tony M Korman and Rhonda L Stuart Med J Aust Published online: 7 January 2008


What's hanging around your neck? Pathogenic bacteria on identity badges and lanyards - study 

Medicine Monash Health Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences School of Clinical Sciences at Monash Health

study of samples from lanyards, identity badge surfaces and connections (eg, clips, keys, pens) were cultured. The study was conducted from July to August 2006.

Germs Coat Hospital Badges, Says Study

Helen Carter, ABC Science Online, March 2007

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