A simple solution to controlling bacteria on your credit cards and ID badges.


Antimicrobial Card Company is a pioneer in the emerging field of Antimicrobial Identification and Cash Substitution Instruments. We offer a simple solution for inhibiting the growth and transmission of germs, viruses and dangerous pathogens that thrive on the surfaces of intensely circulated products. Inspiring consumer confidence in those instruments and enhancing purity and cleanliness in consumer’s lives!


Antimicrobial Card Company (ACC) owner and patent holder, Lisa Holmes has worked for 35+ years within the government and commercial healthcare sector. Daily interactions with government healthcare policy setters and clinical staff empowered her with a laser focus on patient safety and infection control.

While on a site visit to a Veterans Affairs Medical Center on Jan 31, 2007, she observed a caregiver bending over a veteran. The caregiver touched the patient with her government ID badge, then turned and touched another patient with the same badge. Lisa realized that the transfer of microbes, viruses and other sources of contamination via plastic cards had been overlooked. She knew cross-contamination could be controlled and limited by making the card with antimicrobial infused plastic, and set about to shape the way we interact with cards and badges. The patent was issued and finalized on 14 Dec 2010.

Innovator & Inventor: Lisa Holmes

Lisa Holmes is a 30 year sales and marketing executive to federal and commercial healthcare. Leading and delivering $30-400 million annual sales in B2B, consumer goods and healthcare product sales teams for multi-billion dollar companies operating within the federal and commercial healthcare space. 


Lisa served on several industry boards. As a Board Member of the American Logistics Association (ALA), she worked in tandem with high level Pentagon and government officials to find a solution to credentialing contractors for federal installations. As a member of the American Society of Healthcare Environmental Services (ASHES) she embraced patient safety and the newest infection control methodologies. Lisa also was appointed for several years as an ad hoc member of the Dept of Veterans Affairs national healthcare and environmental service product standardization. She is a member of the American Medical Surgeons of the US (AMSUS).

Born in Rockford, Illinois, raised in Sacramento California, she's lived in Europe for 15 years and came back to live in the State of Texas. She speaks German as she lived in Germany in support of the military efforts during the Cold War and Operation Desert Storm.

Lisa Holmes

Lisa Holmes

Articles & Mentions about Lisa Holmes

Controlling Transmission of Bacteria on Healthcare Identification Badges for HCWs | AMSUS 2013 Annual Meeting Presentation - Lisa Holmes  Session 823, Oct 2013


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US Patent US7851517B2  Antimicrobial credit cards, identification cards, membership cards and identification badges and badge holders Application Oct 31, 2007.  Application Granted: Dec 14, 2010 to Lisa Marie Holmes

U.S. Provisional Application Ser. No. 60/916,780, filed May 8, 2007, entitled, “Antimicrobial Credit Cards, Membership Cards and Identification Badges And Badge Holders

Germ Warfare New warnings-and new products-feed our fears about chemicals, microbes and dirt. Are we worrying too much? Dallas Morning News  June 14, 2000  Author: Leslie Garcia; Staff writer -

"No, says Lisa Holmes of Grapevine, TX. After getting sick too many times while traveling on business, she has perfected her own germ-avoidance system. "I bring the term "clean freak' to a new level," Ms. Holmes says. "I have invented a new term I call "bio-phobe.' When I am introduced to someone and they take my hand, I am very careful not to touch any exposed skin on my body until I can wash my hands with soap and water. After I wash my hands, I grab the paper towel and dry. I then apply anti-bacterial cleaner on my hands. I get out of the bathroom by opening the door with my sleeve (or paper towel)... 

"Hotels are obstacles. The telephones are never cleaned by the maids, and this is quite evident by the smell of cologne on the receiver. I clean the receiver with Clorox (disinfecting wipes). Since I have them out, I run it along the lamps, remote control, the heater, door handles and bathroom fixtures. I never pick up a pen that is left in the room, as it may have been in someone's mouth."