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A Charitable Not-For-Profit Tax-Exempt  501(c)(3) Veterans Foundation

​Combat Wounded Service Organization (CWSO) empowers and assists disabled combat wounded veterans of all eras who honorably served.


The organization is comprised of combat veterans who have been wounded in action.  Highly decorated veterans who understand the challenges that wounded veterans face in the civilian world, that others will never understand.

We provide information and resources to combat wounded veterans. If you need assistance, please email us today.  

CWSO provides general public educational programs that raise awareness and educate the public about the sacrifices made by America's wounded veterans and the unique and special needs resulting from their service.

As a Charitable Not-For-Profit Tax-Exempt 501(c)(3) Foundation, we support the combat wounded, and Veteran Service Organizations, through our partnerships with VSOs like the Military Order of the Purple Heart (Department of Texas), WIA-KIA of the USA, Purple Heart Host Cities Association and Gold Star Families etc.

Founded Dec 15, 2016 |  DUNS: 090123882 |  EIN 81-4731746

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